Tuesday, May 12, 2009

'Tis the Season for the Vegetable Garden at The Lazy Vegan!

NEWSFLASH! Look what we found (finally) in the yard- one of the two missing Easter Eggs!
The trio of terriers make their way up the driveway.

It is vegetable garden time at The Lazy Vegan! The foreman has been coming home with plants every day lately, some for the garden and some for the landscape. The donkeys love it when there's activity going on in the veggie garden - they come and hang out on the other side of the fence and try to nibble at the grapes and rose bushes. The pups hang out, too, but they're not much help- they dig where they shouldn't and eat what they shouldn't!

The foreman lines up the tomato plants.

With the kind of precision that only the foreman can manage!

I'm still feeling a bit weak after my fun visit from the stomach flu.

Toby helps by bringing over his ball.

I love the vegan garden hat!

Everyone is busy.

Trying to nibble the grape leaves.

The first strawberries appear.

And the first passion flower.

Cool new plant the foreman bought- I forget the name- I love the orange color!

Boulder's usual pose in his usual spot.

A bird approves of the growing garden.

Some photos from yesterday when the foreman took the boys out for a walk! Here he gives Weegie a rubdown after their outing.

Luigi always follows the foreman around. He's such a papa's donkey!

View from the kitchen window.

Frisky donkeys by the clothesline.

The foreman gives the donkeys some "free time" by letting go of their lead ropes, something I don't approve of. It would be different if our entire property were fenced. Then they could go wherever they liked and I wouldn't worry about them getting away!

They were so busy eating fresh grass that I don't think they even noticed they were "off rope"!