Friday, May 1, 2009

Wait a Minute...I thought April Showers Brought May FLOWERS!!!

It was a bit of a shock on the first day of May to have RAIN- lots of it!! I thought April showers bought May FLOWERS! The donkeys spent just about the entire day in the barn. I put fresh pine shavings in there and spent some quality time with them in the early evening (depending on what you think quality time is!). I went to get the last few flakes of straw that I was going to spread around the muddy corral, but when I took the tarp off, I surprised an entire family of lizards- the type that are more snake looking than lizard looking- I forget the name- they scurried everywhere and I squealed and threw the tarp back over and ran off... so the lizards can have the warm straw for the night and the donks will just have to slosh around a bit in the mud- at least their barn is dry! Boulder gets caught up on "Veg News".
Toby hopes for some rainy day fun!
For the first day of May, I made sushi- and now I remember why I don't make it that often- it is a lot of work!

Boulder supervised the sushi making.

It really poured! Thankfully the barn is leak-free!

Carrot treat time in the barn.

Afterwards, we sang songs. Well, I sang.
During the singing, the rain came to a brief stop- and the donks were happy to get out!

There's not much to do on a rainy day!

The boys got plenty of attention, though. They don't like to be brushed when it is raining because usually they are a bit wet, and brushing just pushes the dampness in.

They both like to rub along the side of the open doorway and check out the view.

And spent time grooming!

Maybe we'll have sunny skies for the second day of May!
The beetle has a birth certificate- officially ordered from Volkswagen of American! Stay tuned for more about this exciting event! Perhaps I should throw a Beetle "Baby" shower!!