Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Weird Sound Like Gunfire, but Probably Not...at The Lazy Vegan

For most of the afternoon the peace was disturbed today at The Lazy Vegan by what I thought was gunfire going off constantly...but the foreman thinks it might have been a well being drilled with big equipment. Whatever it was, it was very loud and boomed across the valley and made the donkeys very skittish! I went to give them their carrots, and every time the sound went off they both jumped back. Paco was especially sensitive to it. Aside from that, it was a mellow & beautiful day. I spent the morning doing a "deep cleaning" in the pasture and the donks "helped". I'm hoping that cleaning up all this manure will make the flies go elsewhere- they've really been a pain this year. I'm expecting a shipment of "fly predators" to arrive in tomorrow's mail...I think they definitely help keep the fly population down. Today marks the THIRD WEEK anniversary of NO COFFEE for me- a milestone! I miss the routine but have come up with quite a few coffee substitutes so I don't feel too deprived!
I got the Kitchenaid stand mixer assembled. Here it is, the Darth Vader of the kitchen!

I bought fresh, brand-new clothespins today- a big thrill! The clothesline is all spiffed up now, ready to hang some clothes on.

Bravo checks in with Boulder.

At carrot treat time- Paco was very upset by the loud noise.

I think Solo was, too- he kept howling!

Bravo inspects the construction zone upstairs!

The new wall will have a pocket door that opens up to the shower/toilet.

The construction zone mess!
I think the birds were bothered by the noise today, too.

Some self-timed photos with the animals. Solo declined to have his taken. He was too busy watching everyone else while in his little bed in the living room.

Boulder was just barely putting up with this.

This is by far the best coffee substitute I've come across. Whole Foods sells it, but they're not very obvious about it- I had to ask for it. You have to brew it in a regular coffee pot or with a French Press. There is absolutely no caffeine...but there is carob, so if you don't like carob- even a slight taste of it- you probably won't like this!

Earlier in the day before the obnoxious noise started.
A deer crossed my path (and Beetler's!) on our way home today. Thankfully I was going slow and it was on our road. The deer was very casual and sauntered off.

One of my favorite plants is blooming- the Metea poppy.

Boulder and Bravo dine together in the kitchen.