Saturday, May 23, 2009

Working Around the House to Kick Start the Holiday Weekend at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder in a trance in the front yard!

Nothing much going on but working around the house at The Lazy Vegan! The foreman has been putting window boxes back on...we used to have them in different locations and then took them off when the house was painted...I really love the look of them - it is also fun to see them from the inside of the house! I did exciting things today like clean out the kitchen drawers and some dresser drawers. I found some vintage candy bowls I had bought a while back. I'll excite the blog reader with photos of them on tomorrow's blog. I'm using them to store my jewelry, which seems like the next best use (aside from candy). And that's about it...for some reason I had not one but TWO nightmares last night, the kind that you wake up from with your heart madly beating...so I'm pretty darn tired today. Looking forward to SWEET dreams tonight!

My little Weegie!

Paul paints the front of the house. He's quite the professional!

Double donkey staredowns!

Paul looks like he's vacationing in Cabo...but this is his painting outfit!
Everything is still blooming around here.

Boulder eyes the dog toy (a moose)!

Saving his energy for the next meal time!

"Saving his energy" in a different location!

The window boxes back up add a nice European touch.

Everywhere you look, the foreman seems to be working!

Girls in the neighborhood came by to say hi to the donks!

You can see I still have to clean up where the old fence line was!

Paul gets a LOT of company at dinner!