Thursday, May 28, 2009

Working Away at The Lazy Vegan

The foreman up high!
Things are really getting done at The Lazy Vegan...the foreman and Paul are almost done painting and will be ready to tackle the next project, which is building the interior wall in the upstairs bathroom. Karina stopped by for a visit today and hung out with the work crew for a bit. The dogs did their part by greeting everyone with their obnoxious barking chorus every single time the door was opened or closed! Boulder made himself scarce for most of the day and the donkeys did their usual stuff!
Paul paints the propane tank enclosure.

Whoops- the same photo twice! Karina joins the foreman for a break.

Paco and Weegie come to see Karina.
In the late afternoon, Boulder suddenly appeared at the terrace door!

Karina climbs up to say hi to the foreman.

Paul painting through the window!

Paco supervises while I tidy up the barn.

Both of the donks love this metal brush- they push each other out of the way to get brushed first!

They're still shedding like crazy. The vet called today- they're due for their vaccines- so Dr. Kerr will be coming in a couple of weeks...I don't think the boys will be that thrilled!

Boulder was just too busy to help paint the house today.

And Bravo was just too lazy to lift a paw to help!

He wasn't too lazy when it came to trying to get to the cat food, however.

Painting takes a long time.
This is the best vegan sausage ever! Sage-apple. Yum!

Solo watched from the living room while I cooked dinner.