Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Busy Day with the Heat at The Lazy Vegan

I love these "Make a Wish" weeds!
Another hot one at The Lazy Vegan today! The farrier came, and the boys were not thrilled at all to see him- the vet AND the farrier within days of one another is just a bit too much! Paco tried to be a Drama Donkey again but with the foreman here he soon settled down. However, later in the day I was in the cabin when I heard very loud noises coming from the barn...it almost sounded like the boys were tossing around the new cabinets or something- tons of banging! I rushed down to the barn and saw Luigi BOLT from the doorway. I found Paco on the floor of the barn on his back, wedged up by the corner walls- I seriously thought he was having some kind of seizure! He was slamming his legs into the side of the wall. I didn't want to get too close because he seemed so out of control (rolling his head back, even). I started to run up the house to call the emergency vet when suddenly he gave one last big kick and pulled himself up. I actually think he was stuck a bit in the corner, and probably freaked out about it! DRAMA DONKEY! He shook all the pine shavings off, snorted and walked right past me and out into the pasture. My heart was really racing- I thought he'd been poisoned or had epilepsy or something!
The foreman and Paul worked on tiling the bathroom floor. In the morning, Paul and I loaded a huge truck for the dump and he took it there- by coincidence, he ran into Karina at the dump- she'd borrowed a friend's truck to unload a bunch of garbage, too!

Paul and Bravo!

Bravo investigates the work scene.

Paul has all kinds of nicknames for Bravo, including "Monster" and "Goblin".

Worn out after the farrier visit, the boys hang out in the shade.

"Geez, Paco...doesn't the foreman KNOW we're not RIDING donkeys?"

Too bad the foreman can't really ride the donkeys- it would be so much fun to ride them around the property!

Getting extra attention after the farrier left.

Boulder is really happy that he doesn't have to get a visit from the farrier!

The donks got a walk before and after the farrier visit. Paco has his new bright blue lead rope to replace the one he broke.

The farrier does his job!

Luigi always looks like he wants to lie down.

The foreman gets a rope tying tip from the farrier.

The farrier is the one who first called the boys "lawn ornaments"!

Paco put up a fight at first, but nothing like the scene he made the other day!

All set for the farrier's arrival.

Weegie knew something was up when he spotted the big truck!

Tomorrow I'll be in a screenwriting class all day- so there will probably be no blog, unless I take photos at the class!