Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Great Lounging Day at The Lazy Vegan

Just another great day for animals to lounge & relax at The Lazy Vegan! I spent some quality time with the donkeys and put fly spray on them again- they both seem to know that it helps keep the pesty flies away so they stand still when I wipe the solution on their legs and shoulders. As I type this, the foreman is actually being Mower Man out on the rider mower somewhere...all the grass is getting high again. All the pups have been fed and are having their post-dinner naps, and Boulder is also off napping- like I said, another great day for lounging!
Toby accidentally left the house without his ball. Here he waits for the door to open so he can go find it!

You have to wonder what goes through Boulder's head sometimes.

The passion flower is really extraordinary looking!

Weegie gives a little snort during dust bath/nap time.

That's quite the belly Paco has!

Snap's carpet saga is finally over- the correct, beautiful carpet is installed!! You have to see it to appreciate it. It looks great!
Bravo and Boulder like to hang out together in the morning.

Mr. Finicky Boulder...he keeps me guessing what kind of cat food he'll eat!

I know I've taken these photos many times...but I admire Solo's extreme patience and effort while getting himself down the terrace steps.

Sometimes I take him out the other way, which is easier!