Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Work-at-Home Day on a Tuesday at The Lazy Vegan

Luigi approves of the new cabinets in his barn!

We took advantage of the fact that Paul is still here to work today and early this morning I took the truck to the feed store to get some hay- that way Paul could move the heavy bales with his strong, young back and give the foreman a well-deserved break! The donkeys have adjusted to the cabinets in their barn and it is a great place to store all their brushes and other gear! We got one cabin almost completely cleaned out - Karina came and took some chairs that otherwise would have headed to Goodwill. We still seem to have too much stuff- but at least it will soon be organized stuff! I have a few photos posted here from Paul's NYC trip- he has many more to share!

Paco is frankly a bit disappointed in the contents of the cabinets. He was hoping for some sweet grain!

They sure are curious little donks!

Next they need a little table and chairs!

Paul gets the fun task of unloading all the hay!

Toby on the table.

Boulder relaxes while others work around him.

Always time for carrot treats!

I'm playing around with the zoom feature of my camera. Here Luigi looks pretty big next to the house.

Very playful donkeys!

Blurred photos, but I couldn't resist...they look so silly with their teeth showing.

Great fun picking up the rubber mats in the barn.

AND NOW: Paul in New York City!
Coney Island.

The subway.

In the city somewhere!

Great view of Central Park.

Artistic mural!

I think he said this was in Brooklyn...