Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boulder Worships the Clothesline at The Lazy Vegan

It was a funny day weather-wise at The Lazy Vegan today...a bit of fog, a bit of sun and a bit of rain! Boulder was in a funny mood, too. He spent part of the day lurking around the landscaping, acting like he was about to pounce on something. And then early in the evening I spotted him motionless in front of the clothesline- he stayed there for at least twenty minutes (he was there when I left to go brush the donkeys, and in the same spot when I finished...about a 20 minute period). It looked as if he was praying to the clothesline! Such a silly cat. In other LV news, the foreman came home with some buckets of driveway/pavement sealer...our next project in our big pull-the-place-together event! Stayed tuned for some exciting photos of the driveway re-do...
Boulder lurking about!

Boulder and the clothesline...he seemed especially mesmerized by the knotty circle in front of him.

Maybe he thought it was a mouse hole!

I'll have to see if this becomes a regular routine.

Weegie took a rare early evening nap while waiting for his hay to be served!

He was pretty darn relaxed!

Paco was just wondering WHERE dinner was and when it was going to show up!

Red chard waiting to be planted.

Toby's daring leap off of the terrace.

Just one of the many chores here at The Lazy Vegan..."furminating" the dogs...this pile of fur is all from Solo!

The foreman's fashion statement!

Boulder seeks shelter from some drizzles.

Very helpful donkeys!
Weegie was just really feeling his oats today!

Coming through the wild mustard.