Saturday, June 27, 2009

The "Complete Toilet" is Incomplete at The Lazy Vegan

When the foreman came home today with this box, I just had to laugh...the COMPLETE TOILET! It sounds like the title of a novel. Well, it turns out that after spending hours trying to assemble the complete toilet for the upstairs bathroom, the foreman and Paul discovered that it was, in fact, the INCOMPLETE toilet. Somebody - probably at the manufacturing plant- had put in the wrong part and there was no way to make this complete toilet complete without it. Not only did the foreman and Paul spend hours working on it- they did so in some yucky heat- it was super hot here today. FUN! So they packaged up the complete toilet and it is heading back to Home Depot...where hopefully they won't just put it back on the floor for another unsuspecting customer to buy!
Opening up the complete/incomplete toilet.
Carrying in the complete/incomplete toilet- which was very heavy!

Paul takes the complete/incomplete toilet upstairs.

The foreman unloads sheetrock. My role in all of this today was to document it by taking photos. Lucky me.

Bravo has thoroughly been enjoying his piece of carpet from Grandma Snap! He rolls around on it and makes ridiculous noises.

Arriving home in Beetler.

Boulder lurks in tall grasses.

Solo seems fully recovered- I think he's feeling pretty darn good because he's still on painkillers.

Boulder seeks the shade.

One hot and tired terrier.
The red shouldered hawk flies by.

These days I have to trick the donkeys into getting their fly spray on...first I put the towel down to distract them, and then managed to wipe them both down with another towel. It really makes a difference in keeping the flies away.

Stay Tuned for the Future Blog of the New & Hopefully COMPLETE toilet!