Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Donkeys Receive Special Visitors at The Lazy Vegan

The donkeys were thrilled today to receive some special visitors...the horse named "Ready" (I used to think his name was "Right") and his companion, "Minnie", a miniature horse...AND a dog named Piper! The donkeys were beside themselves with joy. They all touched noses and Paco gave a dramatic back kick when Ready sniffed his hoof. After a fun visit, Ready & Minnie & Piper headed further down the road to check in with Barney the big donkey and the other horses there. The entire time they were gone, Paco and Weegie waited for their return...and sure enough, they followed them along the fenceline on the way back! So cute. They'll be back soon for another visit- maybe then we'll try taking Paco & Luigi for a walk, too...that would make for quite the outing!
The boys introduce themselves to Minnie the miniature horse!
Paco wasn't too sure about Piper the dog.

I think Weegie is in love!

"Geez, Weegie...how come he gets to eat all the good grass?"

Minnie and Ready are very close pals...SO cute!

Off the crew goes to head down the road to visit Barney and friends. Next time I'll get the foreman to help me harness up Paco and Weegie and we'll join them!

I'm sure Paco and Weegie had a lot to talk about when the visit was over.

Solo had his annual exam today. Here he is in the doggie car seat, going to the vet. He was very brave when they poked around at him. He is the only one of the three dogs who has to be muzzled at the vet and there are "CAUTION" stickers on his file! Poor little Solo. He has to have yet another dental cleaning- he goes in again in two weeks. CHA CHING! CHA CHING!! When they have him under they'll also xray his hips to see why he has so much trouble doing stairs. CHA CHING! CHA CHING!!

We're still having to walk up the driveway. I hauled up groceries today. Paco and Weegie watched. At one point I realized that THEY could haul stuff up!

It is exhausting work, living the life of a donkey at The Lazy Vegan!

Toby was pretty mellow today. Here he is minus THE BALL.

The usual carrot treat time. It never gets old!

Heading over for carrots.
Boulder wonders where his dinner is.

YUM! The strawberries are amazing this year.

Eating lunch in the garden.