Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Driveway Resealing Project: Part Two at The Lazy Vegan

What a day it was at The Lazy Vegan...we finished the big driveway resealing project that the foreman started two days ago...we started at 7:30 a.m. and finished at 6:30 p.m. with two short breaks inbetween for lunch and a run to Home Depot for more of the "black goo"! I hardly spent any time with the animals today, but Paco and Luigi watched us work for quite a while. At one point the foreman put some music on in the truck (Bob Dylan) and that was a nice distraction until it ran down the battery of the truck and then the foreman had to go get the jumper cables and jump it. The driveway looks great but the work is slow and really does a number on one's back. Plus, by the end of the day the thought of having to climb back up the big hill wasn't a great one. All of our cars are parked below for the next several days and the driveway is taped off at the bottom- we had a few neighbors drive by and comment on the project ("you're doing it all by HAND?")...two of them wanted to know what we were using so they can do their driveways next- we kept saying to ourselves that everyone had a lot of "driveway envy" going on! And now I'm off to soak in a hot, hot tub. Tomorrow the normal blog will resume with the usual photos of the animal crew!
The foreman does the very last part.

He used a giant squeegy thing- kind of like a big push broom. My job was to use the paint brush on the sides of the road. After a while we had a nice system going. The black stuff stinks and it is very messy.
We also had to clear the edges away with a pick- luckily for me the foreman did this part.

You could almost call it an art form!

The donks watched for a long time but then disappeared. Apparently we weren't that interesting. They stayed around when the music was playing, though- they both really seem to love music.
Weegie takes a nap standing up.

More than half-way through!

After going through three pairs of gloves that were too big on me (the black goo kept sliding in by my wrists), I remembered I had these fancy garden gloves that I got years ago and never wanted to get dirty. Well, they were perfect for the job and now they are VERY dirty!

We used the truck to carry the very heavy buckets of black goo.


Inbetween spreading out the black goo, we'd have to stop once in a while to sweep the driveway clean of debris. It was super windy today and that didn't really help.

At lunch time I found the donkeys being very sleepy by the barn.

The foreman looks as if he's icing a giant cake!

This was early in the morning. By the afternoon I had trouble bending over!

You can see what a difference resealing makes!

My job may look like the easier of the two...but it was equally as hard. For one thing, I had to bend more and I had a small paint brush. But considering that the foreman had already spent days repairing and resealing a third of the driveway, I could hardly complain!

Hopefully this is a job we won't have to repeat for the next decade!