Monday, June 8, 2009

The Foreman Reseals the Paved Driveway and Wailing Neighbors at The Lazy Vegan

The foreman plunged right into the big resealing the driveway project today...all by himself! It looks like a brand new driveway. He's about half way done. I had to park Beetler down on the road- where all the cars will have to stay for a couple of days while the new driveway "cures". The pups stayed indoors for most of the day so they didn't get their paws permanently marked in the fresh goo, and the donkeys watched the event from afar and didn't seem that interested! Just buying all the materials makes this a very expensive project- but having the foreman do the labor saves us a bundle! In other, WEIRD Lazy Vegan news, yesterday we had the strange experience of hearing guests of our neighbors do some kind of chanting, wailing ritual that went on forever (well, for over an hour)...at one point I went out with my camera and recorded it (see exciting video with the sound on high at the bottom of blog...and this was when things had settled down!). It may have been meditative to them, but it had the opposite effect on us!
It took lots of buckets of the black sticky stuff- right now the foreman is off at Home Depot buying more.
Pretty impressive!
This is after spending several days patching cracks and holes first.

New road on the left, old road on the right!

Boulder was a tad annoyed that he couldn't walk on the driveway.

When the pups were outside, I made sure Toby stayed by my side by constantly tossing his toy.

While trimming some of the plants and trees around the deck, the foreman found these perfect (but abandoned) little bird nests. I love nests- the birds do an amazing job building a safe spot for their eggs and babies! There was even some yarn in the one above.

Bravo really wants to go out and run around on the wet pavement.

Since Solo can't hop up on couches any longer (or stairs), I put him up there for a few minutes so he could enjoy the outlook.

Last night the moon was amazing- orange and full - or almost full! The photo makes it look warped.

Beetler and the tiny appearing orange moon.
FOUND- the remaining missing Easter egg!!!!

This book is an eye-opener. I wish everyone would read it.

The Wailing Woman video...perhaps they were celebrating the full moon?????