Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hanging Out on the Roof and Other Fun Stuff at The Lazy Vegan

Today was a work-around-the-house day, which included a stint on the roof for the foreman...I was driving home from the hardware store when I looked up and saw him on the roof...it's not like I haven't seen that sight before, but it is a bit of a surprise coming home to find him there. He was doing some caulking and sweeping. He also replaced some exterior lights, including one that I picked out myself (it actually passed the design committee of one (a.k.a. the foreman)! The animals did exactly what they all did yesterday: lounged!
I think we have a photo somewhere just like this from seven years ago when the house was first painted.
The foreman looks good on the roof- kind of like a fixture!

You won't catch me up there anytime soon.

It seemed to be the day for the foreman to stand on roofs- here he stands on the truck cab roof to take down some oak branches.

The light fixture that I picked out.

Other light fixtures that we've had and the foreman is now putting up.

Boulder was very relaxed today. As I type this he's snoring away on the bed.

Lots of lounging going on!

It must feel good to take a dust bath...the donkeys certainly take a lot of them.

In the garden with the pups!

Solo was pretty darn spry today!

When the pups go outside, Boulder always seems to appear out of nowhere to join the crew.

Butter lettuce salad with jicama, heirloom tomatoes and sauted mushrooms...for lunch.

Weegie couldn't resist hamming it up.
I use this cloth to put the fly lotion on the donkeys- and afterwards I draped it over Paco. He then decided that he couldn't move with it on and stood like this until I took it off!! It reminded me that I want to get the boys saddles soon...they are almost old enough to carry weight (kids). It will be a challenge finding a vegan saddle.

Sometimes it is just tough getting comfortable.