Friday, June 12, 2009

Having Fun Doing the Usual on a Friday at The Lazy Vegan

I LOVE the hummingbirds at The Lazy Vegan!! This year there seem to be more than ever buzzing around. We've officially named the front cabin the "Hummingbird Cabin" (and I have the hummingbird stepping stone that Snap gave me in front of the trail there) because the little hummers love to hang out there. Today while we were all sitting in the garden, one hummingbird made the rounds checking out all the plants and flowers...very busy!! Today I filled three wheelbarrow loads of donkey manure gathered (gathered is actually too nice of a word to use here) from the pasture. Since the boys always knock over the wheelbarrow when I bring it into the pasture, today I had the bright idea of leaving it along the fence outside the pasture- makes for more work for me since I have to walk shovel load after shovel load to where the wheelbarrow is parked, but it is better than having to pick up the load after they push it over! Paco helped by standing guard right next to the fence where the wheelbarrow was. I'm determined to get the pasture super clean because the poor boys are really bothered lately by flies. It seems that the fly predators I buy aren't quite doing the job this year. If it gets worse I'll have to buy fly masks for them both. They'll look awfully cute wearing them!
This little hummer was interested in the passion flower!
I love the different metallic colors that hummingbirds have.

Relaxing in the garden before dinner.

The foreman plays some harmonica for the plants.

Pre-dinner napping!

Plus a dust bath or two.

The foreman checks in with Boulder.

Bravo watches a little tennis on t.v.

Bravo is a bit wary around Boulder- he's been swiped one time too many!

Boulder really is such a futon-potato.

Paco stands guard...what a big help! Every time I would unload a shovel load of manure he'd stick his head through the fence to investigate.

The pasture is starting to look pretty barren.

Not a day goes by that I'm not thrilled to be able to share my life with two donkeys!

Paco poses with the toy balls that they never play with.