Monday, June 29, 2009

Hearing Hee Haws at The Lazy Vegan

Weegie gets every last strand of hay in the feeder.

Lately the hay just hasn't been enough for Paco & Luigi! I need to look up in my handy Miniature Donkey Care Handbook about increasing the amount of hay when the grasses in pastures aren't enough. For the past couple of days, I've been hearing hee haws from the boys- they are definitely letting me know when it is dinner time! See video at bottom of this posting to hear Luigi's barely audible little honk!

Paco was a bit concerned that I was going to eat a portion of his hay!
Inspecting the fresh pine shavings (mixed with yummy smelling cedar chips) in the barn.

Slim pickings in the pasture.
Boulder followed me while I did the chores at dusk!

Thankfully it was much cooler here today. Boulder did a lot of roaming around along with the usual lounging.

Racing in for the hay!

The big stare down that happens every night about ten minutes before dinner time.

Another tough day at The Lazy Vegan.
The Pre-Dinner Stare and Barely Audible Hee Haw from Weegie Video!