Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Hot Thursday in June at The Lazy Vegan

Too hot of a day for Boulder!! He found a spot in the shade and didn't come around until dinnertime!
It turned out to be quite the hot day at The Lazy Vegan today. The donkeys still seemed a bit worn out from yesterday's exciting vet visit (I didn't do a blog posting yesterday...but the abbreviated version of what happened is that Paco was a DRAMA DONKEY and bucked, kicked and reared up while the vet tried to give him his shots...and then he broke loose and ran around with the syringe still stuck in his snarky little donkey behind!) and the pups were too hot to do anything but lounge around (nothing unusual there). Paul and the foreman were hard at work on the bathroom remodel project, which is nearing completion- today the old toilet was removed. Progress!
The boys have figured out a way to get their snouts into the garden wire for some good nibbling!

Luigi was especially good at it.

O.K., not your average sight...and probably not even photo-worthy...but as I was scooping up manure today, this little lizard wouldn't budge!! So I left it there to clean up later.

The redwood goes up on the bathroom wall.
I like their sawing technique!

Spending some quality time with Bravo.

One of the cleaned out cabins!! With "new" cabinets!

When it is hot, lounging is the best thing to do.

This is what Paco managed to break off yesterday while he flipped out. He actually broke the piece of metal that attaches to his harness!

Karina with little old Solo!