Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Heat at The Lazy Vegan on a Sunday

Another HOT one at The Lazy Vegan! I closed the whole house up early in the morning and it stayed relatively cool until late afternoon. The foreman worked on the cabin and I cleaned out the upstairs closet and got rid of a bunch of coats...which is very easy to do when it is sweltering out! Weegie was in a very playful mood this evening...in the above photo he was actually trying to play with Toby...even though getting ready for a back kick doesn't look like play! All of the animals were happier when a breeze came back...hopefully it will be cooler tomorrow.
Posing for the photo!

Paco loves to rest his head on the foreman's shoulder.

Poor Weegie was just trying to play...but Toby wasn't having anything to do with it.

Digging the dirt out from around the sides of the cabin- NOT a fun job in the heat!

In the late afternoon when a breeze came I opened everything up. The dogs love the terrace for viewing everything.

Boulder is very smart...on super hot days he'll lie by the vent to the basement area- where cold air actually comes through! His backside actually felt cool from it.
Afternoon lounging time.

Both of the donkeys have finally shed their coats- they look very sleek now!

The foreman put up this beautiful light on the outside of the cabin!

Waterblasting and cleaning up the exterior of the cabin.

From last night...Paul and the donks enjoy the sunset.

I can't believe how great the cabin is looking- we've never had it look this good- I'm ready to move on in!

Bravo thinks it would make an excellent dog house!

When it is super hot I put cold wet dishtowels on the dogs!