Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More of the Same on a Tuesday at The Lazy Vegan

It was more of the same today at The Lazy Vegan...Paul and the foreman continued to work on what has now become the renovation of the cabin - they put in the French doors that used to be on the donkey barn, back when it was a glorified garden shed. Then they did a great job of putting up wood where all the cracks were and reframing the front windows. It looks great- I'm going to nab this as MY cabin when it is all done! Our plan is to have it be "donkey friendly"...it already has a concrete slab floor, so that's perfect for any donkey messes...the foreman will make sure it is easy enough for the donkeys to access, so they can come visit when we're hanging out! Now we have a flock of Mexican tiled swallows at our entry!

Toby headed way out into the pasture in search of a ball.

The French doors on the cabin- and part of the broken deck that Paul and the foreman are reshaping.

Little Solo at the doorway. Tomorrow he goest to the vet to get his teeth cleaned- which means being put under!

Bravo and Paul share a piece of bread!

Even with all the hammering going on, Boulder managed to get his naps in.

This is wood that has been hand picked from our huge lumber pile- it is good redwood to repair the cabin and to finish the interior of the barn.

Bravo approves of the new door.

Doing the framing for the new door.

The donkeys didn't come around enough for me to get good photos today...they'll be back on the blog tomorrow!