Monday, June 15, 2009

Renovating the Barn at The Lazy Vegan

The barn got a bit of a renovation today...I guess you could say it was redecorated, complete with cabinets! The foreman (with Paul's help, thankfully) hung cabinets left over from the fixer-upper we renovated a few years ago. It will be great for storing all the misc. donkey gear like harnesses, ropes, salt licks and the like. Paco and Luigi were VERY curious about what was going on!! They were right in the midst of things until electricity became involved...I decided it was safer for them to be in the big pasture then so they didn't chew the extension cord. We're using the rest of the cabinets in the other cabin for storage. Such excitement!
Very curious donkeys watch the activity.
I'm really glad Paul was back from his NYC trip to help out!

As always, every job is done very precisely by the foreman.

Who knows what the donks were thinking!

Paco hopes he can swing a hammer, too.

The cabinets are huge and the foreman secured them extra tight.

If Paul hadn't been here, I would have taken his place. (UGH!).

The cabinets were the renovation part...now here's the decorating part...a new sign, above.

"I'm so excited, Weegie!! I hope they put in a couch next!"

A new star!!

I hung up the star by myself. I put the donkeys in the pasture so they didn't tip me over while I was on the ladder. I'm getting very smart about that kind of stuff!

"Uh, Paco...didn't we ask for a blue star? Isn't this one red??"

Maybe I'll have the donks pick out their own decor next time!