Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Simply Grand Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

I got my camera up and running again with an older "back-up" memory card, so I was able to take photos today, which always makes me happy! Everyone seemed to be in a good mood at The Lazy Vegan today. The hummingbirds were out like crazy...even when I didn't see one, I would every once in a while hear one buzz by. I weeded the wild mustard plants that were starting to overcome part of the pasture today while the foreman worked on patching the driveway. I also bathed all three terriers- no small feat! They're never thrilled about bath day but all enjoy hanging out in the sunshine to dry afterwards. The donkeys spent some quality time with us in the morning (Paco tried to get coffee from the foreman again), and Boulder barely moved all day- he was so busy napping!
This little guy was very busy this morning!

Hummingbirds move so fast that it looks like they're motionless sometimes.

I was just snapping away, because it is rare to have a hummingbird stay in one spot for any period of time.

Oh, the dreaded bath time! Of all the pups, Bravo is by far the hardest to bathe. Over the years we finally came up with a position he's comfortable with- he gets to "stand" up by the side of the tub so he can see out while I wash him!

Still, he's not happy till it is over.

There's nothing like relaxing against a donkey when you enjoy your morning coffee. By the way, today marks FOUR WEEKS for me being caffeine-free!

Weegie was especially in good spirits!

Paco got to smell the coffee, but that was it.

Weegie gets some kisses.

Hugging Paco while Luigi grazes.

One photo I was able to retrieve from my old memory card- the last of the sun yesterday evening.
Morning lounging time!

Boulder moves from one napping location to the other.

The donkeys get ready to let me know it is time for dinner!