Thursday, June 25, 2009

Solo Recovers at The Lazy Vegan

Solo has a little skip to his walk! He's feeling much better today (thanks to the painkillers, no doubt) and ate his meals enthusiastically even though his mouth probably bothers him. I've been giving him extra attention...and he gave me extra attention by waking me up at 4 a.m.! So I'm a bit tired as I type this. Boulder hung out in the dog toy basket again today...first I gave him an empty basket to try out, but he didn't like that nearly as much as sitting on a pile of dog toys! And then later in the day I found him napping with one of Toby's tennis balls in his paws...maybe he really does think he's just one of the dogs!
Boulder and the tennis ball.

This was not planned, which makes it even funnier...Toby brought over the stuffed cat dog toy while Boulder lounged in the basket!

Bravo is concerned about his toys!

Boulder started to chew on one of the toys, too. Bravo didn't think that was too cool.

The empty basket just wasn't appealing.

Although Toby stopped by to give him a kiss!

And so did Bravo.

Weegie has found a great corner of the barn to scratch on.

Since there isn't much grass left in the pasture, the donks have been munching on small pinecones. Weegie loves to toss them around first.

I may have to increase the amount of hay they get. I heard some hee-hawing today an hour before dinner time!