Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Solo's Big Day at The Vet & Boulder in the Dog Toy Basket at The Lazy Vegan

Little Old Solo went to the vet to have his teeth cleaned today...the poor guy had two teeth pulled (the vet said that "some dogs just have bad teeth"!) and while he was under, they also xrayed his hips so we can rule out any problems there since he can't go up or down steps very easily. The xrays showed some arthritis, but no other problems. I just can never resist taking photos of the xrays - I think they are so cute!! Solo is sleeping as I type this- he is pretty wiped out and will be on painkillers and antibiotics for the next two weeks. A big milestone, today, too...Solo got the honor of being the first terrier to ride in Beetler!!

I should put these in Solo's baby book. But I don't have a dog baby book. Believe it or not!

Boulder has been hopping in one of the dog toy baskets lately. He seems to get a big kick out of it.
Bravo really wasn't thrilled that he was in the basket! But Boulder clearly didn't care.

He sat there for a long time on top of some dog toys.

And when the dogs walked by, he'd try to swipe them!!

Very funny cat.

Solo in Beetler! It is too hard for me to take the truck when the vet parking lot is busy- not enough room to turn around easily. And I can count on Solo not to throw up in the car...unlike Bravo.

He really looked great in Beetler!

I got Solo all settled in a warm bed before letting his obnoxious brother in.

You can see that the dog car seat sets them up high- it is a great contraption.

Of course, I protected the seats underneath...just in case!

With Boulder!

I don't know if Boulder is quite comfortable enough...

Heading in for carrots!