Thursday, June 4, 2009

Threats of Thunder that Never Came at The Lazy Vegan

We were supposed to have thunderstorms today, but they never arrived. Or maybe they did and I wasn't home to see them. It seems like odd weather for early June, but according to the paper it happens most years! Not much happened today, but a Jack Rabbit went tearing through the pasture at dinnertime and Paco and Weegie didn't even notice, which was pretty amusing. He zoomed right in front of them! Early this morning on my run I saw a squirrel stranded on a telephone wire- he really did look stranded- I think he had hopped from a tree limb and then landed on the wire. He looked like a Disney cartoon character, but it was concerning because I wasn't sure how he was going to get down. I decided to finish my run and would check on him on my way back...and then I had grand plans of either sticking a broken limb up so he could jump on it (which seemed unlikely...and obviously I didn't want to get too close to the wire) or I'd call the fire department (they rescue cats out of trees, so why not squirrels on telephone wires?)...but thankfully on my return loop he was gone!
I love the Jack Rabbits!
Silly donks had no idea a mini long-ears was briefly in their pasture!

Boulder's high & mighty look.
Paco gives out a big yawn before dinner.

Caught on film!! Paco sneaks some of the grape leaves in the garden!

Some how we ended up with two donkey dog toys. Here Toby has to make his choice.

Boulder wasn't feeling well today. The foreman discovered he'd "hurled" on the futon upstairs in the morning, and then early in the evening he hurled again on the nice comforter at the bottom of our bed! Not for the faint of heart around here. Hopefully he just has a little mild bug.

The chard is planted.

Here come the tomatoes!

I think Boulder looks good in black and white.

Bravo always has to sit next to me when I'm on the computer.

Heading in for carrot treat time...they always act like they've spent the day working in the fields!

A lot of little bird activity in the oak tree right by our deck. Squawking and flying about. I think there's a nest there.

I'm amazed I was able to get so close without them flying off...more proof that there's a nest around to protect!