Friday, July 31, 2009

Having Fun Hanging Out in the Cabin at The Lazy Vegan

The Dinner Hour at the Long Table at The Lazy Vegan!
The renovated cabin is still a novelty and everyone has been having fun hanging out in it! Boulder had dinner outside the cabin door and then came in to relax a bit. Once again when I put the music on, the donkeys came to the edge of the corral to listen. The foreman worked more on the sheetrock upstairs but retired early with a book to read- after all, it is the eve of birthday weekend!
The entrance to the cabin.
With Solo in the cabin.

Since Solo can't really jump off or up on things any longer, when I put him on the couch he's there till I take him down!
This old saw was on the other side of the cabin when we moved here- the foreman cleaned it up and put it on near the door.

Boulder likes to lie on the hummingbird stepping stone.

Dining by the cabin.

Boulder tries out the furniture in the cabin.

He was purring when I took this photo!

My blog photos aren't that interesting today...I did take a photo of a newly-hatched baby bird that Boulder caught- but it was so awful that I didn't want to put it on the blog. It almost looked like it had fallen from a nest somewhere- I think it was already dead when Boulder got it. Poor little birdie. I buried it properly. It didn't even have feathers yet.

Bravo's all set and ready for the next event!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lounging Donkeys and the Renovated Cabin at The Lazy Vegan

Solo and the red ball!
The donkeys had a grand day taking dust baths and lounging while the pups enjoyed hanging out in the renovated cabin early this evening. It has been transformed into a really relaxing retreat! The foreman set up a stereo and I listened to music while I cleaned windows out there. Pretty soon I saw a set of long-ears peering over the fence. The donkeys seem to love music- they both were staring up at the cabin. I opened the doors and put the volume up so they could hear it better. Classical music, too- they stood there for a long time listening!
Boulder has yet to set paw in the renovated cabin.
This is donkey body language for being a bit miffed. I think Paco was mad because I woke him up early from his napping time to take photos! I thought he'd like to play with the big blue bucket I got but this is where he headed instead- to the barn, where he put his back to me.

Weegie thought Paco was being pretty silly.

Paco eventually came out of the barn but avoided looking at me!

I used to have a red bucket like this but it broke. I use it for hauling- what else- manure! Much easier than carting in the wheelbarrow every time I have to clean up.

Weegie was pretty interested.

A lot of lounging going on.

Inside the renovated cabin!

Toby on the couch.

The foreman's grandfather painted this painting- it is perfect for the cabin!
A quick after lunch nap!

Boulder heads in for dinner.
The Renovated Cabin Video- Complete with Music!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More of the Same on a Wednesday at The Lazy Vegan

I love it when Barney, the big donkey down the road, rips one of his very impressive and loud hee-haws- it always makes our donkeys pause and listen!
More of the same going on at The Lazy Vegan...the foreman worked on the upstairs bathroom walls and Paul filled yet another load for the dump- this time all scrap wood and pieces of cement. The automatic waterer in the pasture broke, despite our attempts to fix it with a new hose- so until we get it fixed or get a new one, I'm back to keeping an eye on the water level and filling it as is necessary. The donkeys drink a LOT of water each day! Something you really don't notice when the automatic waterer was constantly refilling it. Of course, both donkeys were right there when the foreman tried to fix it- at one point they were running and bucking and kicking and snorting- all behind the foreman, which was pretty amusing (I was really disappointed I didn't have my camera with me!). They didn't seem too concerned with the broken waterer and put on quite the display!

Weegie also pauses to listen to Barney's big hee-haw, which usually comes around dinner time.

While Weegie tries to fix the automatic waterer, Paco poses for a quick photo.

A rare photo of Toby with no ball!
Paul loads the truck.

The donkeys break away from the feeder to visit with the pups.

The foreman works upstairs- finishing off sheet rock is not a fun job.

It is nice to get rid of so many junk piles!
Solo was a lot like Boulder today- really into his naps. I didn't even take a photo of Boulder, because it was exactly what he did yesterday!

Paul worked a long time on patching areas of wood inside the back cabin. Here he is with the saw, probably my least favorite power tool at The Lazy Vegan (next to the big ladder!).

Taking time to snuggle with Bravo!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Double Vet Appointments and Double Dump Truck Runs at The Lazy Vegan

Today it was double vet appointment (both Toby and Bravo needed shots) and double dump runs (two huge truckloads that I filled and Paul took to the dump)...pretty darn exciting! I didn't dare attempt to take both dogs at once since Bravo is so difficult in the car. So I zoomed Bravo over to the vet first (so convenient that the vet is just a couple of miles away) and managed to escape a big throw-up event- instead he just panted away and acted dramatic. Then I whizzed him back home, took off his halter and leash and put it on Toby and whisked him away to the vet. This all took some time, since one always ends up in the waiting room forever. And then I came home and did the dump stuff- lots of debris from the old cabin roof and torn-off deck and lots of rusty nails and glass- it is a good thing I recently had my tetanus shot! That's it for the Monday report at The Lazy Vegan. Both of them knew where they were headed, and they weren't happy about it. Notice how I put a sheet (and towels) all around to protect Beetler!
Bravo was especially bummed!
Boulder was very happy that he avoided the vet today. So was Solo.
Boulder actually spent most of the day indoors, asleep on our bed. He finally ventured out around dinner time.

Not a bad spot to dine out.

I love to sit out in the garden- and spot the donkey ears!

All of the birds and even squirrels - and who knows what else during the night - take advantage of the fresh water in the pasture!

Where Boulder spent most of the day.

Filling the truck with garbage. Over 30 empty cans of driveway sealer, too!