Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Celebrating Karina's 24th Birthday the Day Before- and Celebrating Solo's 12th Birthday at The Lazy Vegan!

It is hard to believe that Karina is turning 24!! The "girls" went out to dinner and then to Grandma Snap's house for dessert to celebrate. We had a fun evening and Karina got some nice, practical gifts- including a basic canning kit- so now she can can all those veggies she's growing in her own garden! One of the highlights of the evening was listening to a mystery "BING" noise in Grandma Snap's house...it "bings" every hour about six minutes to the hour and she can't figure out where it is coming from. Nobody could- so it remains a mystery! A pretty darn exciting way to spend the evening before your 24th birthday...listening to a "BING"! As for Solo - well, he celebrated the day in his usual way- pretty low-key. I gave him some extra hugs and attention and extra food at dinner time. He is a wonderful spry puppy at age 12!
Standing around the cozy kitchen area.
Once you hit age 24, nobody attempts to put ALL the candles on! I was going to bake her cake this year but it was too hot yesterday and today to even think about turning on the oven! So she got a store bought carrot cake. Vegan, of course!
Grandma Snap brings out the cake.
Garden gloves!
Claire inspects the canning kit.
Wow...when I was 24 I had a 5 year old!! Heck, that was KARINA!!
The daughter-mom pose.
Not bad for a photo taken at arm's length.

Claire listens to Grandma Snap describe something.

I got creative with the gift wrap...that's Karina, age 6 months or so...

Back at home, I snuggled with the birthday boy!

I hope Solo hangs in there for many more years. Despite his neurotic behavior, he really is one special little dog!