Friday, July 10, 2009

Eating Apples on a Friday at The Lazy Vegan

I think napping really tires Boulder out!

Today I discovered I was low on carrots here at The Lazy Vegan...so I cut up some apple slices for the donkeys. They've never been big fans of apples for some reason. I even peeled them, in case they didn't like the skin. They showed no interest in eating them at all until Bravo showed up and attempted to get them for himself! Then suddenly they were all over them, smacking their donkey lips in the process. Bravo (who will eat anything, anytime) managed to get a few, too!

Apple treat time!

Bravo searches for a fallen piece.

Dust bath and sweet grain time- it just doesn't get any better than this!

Weegie shows off his tricks. The foreman has been calling Weegie "Squeegie" lately.

All I have to do it merely mention "sweet grain" and the boys come running!

Lunch time siesta for the foreman and Bravo.

The foreman does his version of Julia Childs...he's prepared the first "garden fresh" pasta of the season- his speciality dish with veggies from our garden!