Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fact: Not All "Faux" Leather is Really Faux!!

Boulder takes some time out to pose for the camera.
This afternoon I did some living room furniture research and went to a few furniture stores to check out their "faux" leather offerings. I've been wanting to get rid of our real leather sofa, loveseat and chair for eons now- and they're finally to the point of wear that it makes sense to get rid of them based on that alone and not just on the fact that they're so NOT vegan! I was surprised to find plenty of faux leather choices are available, which is really the best for cleaning up dog hair v.s. a fabric couch. BUT I was dismayed to discover that not all faux leathers are equal- some actually have real leather mixed into the fabric when it is made! So you have to ask to look at the material list to see what it is really made out of. One salesperson told me - even after I told him I was vegan (which I don't think he quite understood) that a faux couch I really liked had leather in it- "all the leftovers of unused leather from other products" - he smiled like this was a BONUS- real leather mixed into fake leather for a cheap price! So I will now have to be very careful in my search. I was relieved to discover, however, that my "leatherette" seats in Beetler really are vegan. WHEW!!!
It was pretty warm today and Solo takes twice as long to walk in the heat.
The foreman had these metal things custom made- and then he painted them to match the cabin roof- they're going on the ends of the beams. It is going to be a nice touch.
Bravo gets a dreaded bath!!

Solo went to the vet this morning so they could see how his mouth is healing. It is doing great. It seems like I'm at the vet once a week lately! Solo really enjoys riding around in Beetler.

We had a lot of deer visiting early this morning. Those are fawns in the distance- their mama was nearby.

Apparently The Lazy Vegan is a great dining spot for the deer!

A mama turkey and her young came through early this evening. She was making concerned clucking noises- I think one of the babies had wandered off. Boulder was quite interested in this scene, so I had to scoop him up and put him indoors.

I love how they walk- the adults in front and behind- just like on preschool field trips!