Monday, July 13, 2009

Four Raccoon Kits Visit the Lazy Vegan!

Late this afternoon I was taking a basket out to the back cabin when I spotted Boulder in an "attack" crouching position right next to Beetler! Then I saw a fuzzy tail by Beetler's tire...at first I thought it was a cat, but then suddenly not one but FOUR small raccoons- they looked very young- darted out from underneath Beetler and in single file headed for the woods! I dashed into the house for my camera and got back just in time to get the one photo above- they looked to be heading into the tree. Maybe they have a hollow there. I did some internet research and discovered two possibilities...either something happened to their mother, or they were at the age when they were heading off on their own. Apparently young males will band together in groups of four or five when they first venture away from their mama. They were the cutest group ever- I wish I had been able to photograph them hurrying away while Boulder watched! If you double click on the above photo you can just spot the tail of another raccoon. I hope they come back to visit us soon!
New, VEGAN furniture has arrived at The Lazy Vegan!!! The photos don't really do the pieces justice. They are a beautiful sage green.

Toby wasted no time in hopping up and making himself cozy. Earlier in the day I had brought home a swatch of the material. I then "furminated" one of the pups and got a nice big handful of dog fur, which I then put all over the swatch- I wanted to see how easy it was to clean up- and luckily it came right off! That was one of the selling points.

It turns out we like the pillows better on the futon upstairs- so upstairs they went.

Bravo in the bare living room.

Boulder could careless about the new furniture. He is NOT allowed to sink his claws into either piece!

He seemed quite perked up after his big raccoon sighting.

He was much bigger than the raccoons!

Defending The Lazy Vegan from a quartet of raccoons was exhausting work.

"Uh, Paco...I understand there's new furniture here at The Lazy Vegan!"

"Probably they'll be bringing in a couch for us, next!"

Very happy donks today. It was HOT here- almost 90 degrees!

I can't resist taking a lot of photos of the donkeys playing with the sweet grain pan- they have so much fun!

Paco thinks if he stares long enough, sweet grain will appear!