Friday, July 31, 2009

Having Fun Hanging Out in the Cabin at The Lazy Vegan

The Dinner Hour at the Long Table at The Lazy Vegan!
The renovated cabin is still a novelty and everyone has been having fun hanging out in it! Boulder had dinner outside the cabin door and then came in to relax a bit. Once again when I put the music on, the donkeys came to the edge of the corral to listen. The foreman worked more on the sheetrock upstairs but retired early with a book to read- after all, it is the eve of birthday weekend!
The entrance to the cabin.
With Solo in the cabin.

Since Solo can't really jump off or up on things any longer, when I put him on the couch he's there till I take him down!
This old saw was on the other side of the cabin when we moved here- the foreman cleaned it up and put it on near the door.

Boulder likes to lie on the hummingbird stepping stone.

Dining by the cabin.

Boulder tries out the furniture in the cabin.

He was purring when I took this photo!

My blog photos aren't that interesting today...I did take a photo of a newly-hatched baby bird that Boulder caught- but it was so awful that I didn't want to put it on the blog. It almost looked like it had fallen from a nest somewhere- I think it was already dead when Boulder got it. Poor little birdie. I buried it properly. It didn't even have feathers yet.

Bravo's all set and ready for the next event!