Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot Enough to Fry Something on a Friday at The Lazy Vegan

The temperature soared today at The Lazy Vegan! Suddenly it was just HOT. Paul and the foreman worked in the heat on finishing the deck- I was in the air conditioned office and running errands in the air conditioned Beetler, so I really didn't realize how hot it was until I returned home to find the animal crew all panting away! The donkeys seem to handle the heat best. They take their dust baths and hang out in the shade. This weekend it is time for more donkeys supplies- more hay, salt licks, pine shavings, etc.- seems like I just bought a big load of everything, but we're already almost out!
Silly Paco. He was completely still, like he was posing for the photo!

What a donkey belly!

The corral is nice and shady in the early evening- perfect for a post dinner lounging time.

Paco shows some teeth.

Weegie always seems to be the one who looks out for dogs and other annoying nuisances while the boys lounge.

Boulder found a nice spot on the cool cement in the shade.

I know it is ridiculous...but Beetler got yet another new license plate frame- this one has more "jump" to it- the flowers match the flower in Beetler's vase! And I have a frame on the front and back...so Beetler is really stylin'.

Solo makes his way in front of the star-studded barn.

When it is hot I put bowls of water out everywhere for Boulder!

That way the pups always have a drink nearby, too.

The nearly-completed deck!

All the beautiful tile from the torn out kitchen area in the cabin...we may use it for a future project some day. No photos of little Bravo today- but I saw a lot more of him, since he woke me up at 3:45 a.m.- to throw up all the cat food he'd gotten into the night before! Never a dull moment at The Lazy Vegan...