Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More of the Same on a Wednesday at The Lazy Vegan

I love it when Barney, the big donkey down the road, rips one of his very impressive and loud hee-haws- it always makes our donkeys pause and listen!
More of the same going on at The Lazy Vegan...the foreman worked on the upstairs bathroom walls and Paul filled yet another load for the dump- this time all scrap wood and pieces of cement. The automatic waterer in the pasture broke, despite our attempts to fix it with a new hose- so until we get it fixed or get a new one, I'm back to keeping an eye on the water level and filling it as is necessary. The donkeys drink a LOT of water each day! Something you really don't notice when the automatic waterer was constantly refilling it. Of course, both donkeys were right there when the foreman tried to fix it- at one point they were running and bucking and kicking and snorting- all behind the foreman, which was pretty amusing (I was really disappointed I didn't have my camera with me!). They didn't seem too concerned with the broken waterer and put on quite the display!

Weegie also pauses to listen to Barney's big hee-haw, which usually comes around dinner time.

While Weegie tries to fix the automatic waterer, Paco poses for a quick photo.

A rare photo of Toby with no ball!
Paul loads the truck.

The donkeys break away from the feeder to visit with the pups.

The foreman works upstairs- finishing off sheet rock is not a fun job.

It is nice to get rid of so many junk piles!
Solo was a lot like Boulder today- really into his naps. I didn't even take a photo of Boulder, because it was exactly what he did yesterday!

Paul worked a long time on patching areas of wood inside the back cabin. Here he is with the saw, probably my least favorite power tool at The Lazy Vegan (next to the big ladder!).

Taking time to snuggle with Bravo!