Sunday, July 5, 2009

A New Address Sign for The Lazy Vegan

We've spiffed up our address sign at The Lazy Vegan! Yesterday I got these great Mexican tiles- they stand out much better than our old tiled sign and I love the colors. The foreman mounted them on a rustic piece of redwood that he stained- and then he carved the edges and viola...our custom address sign was done! The rest of the day was spent cleaning up all the debris from the roof project- all the old roofing has to be hauled away. As I type this, the foreman is out with the saw, doing something fancy with the outside beams of the cabin. We came to a compromise regarding the leather furniture (so UN-vegan!) in our house...we're going to get new, cloth furniture for the main house and put the old leather furniture in the cabin...and eventually get rid of it altogether. But for now it will at least be out of the main house, so that makes me happy!

The foreman prepares the tree trunk.

Going up and down the driveway to finish the address sign project!

Inspecting his handiwork on the beams.

The foreman took a plain style of beam and "notched" it so it has some character...then he might cap it with some copper.

The zoo crew had fun playing on the driveway today.

Lots of mad running around with the ball!

Toby and Beetler.

The boys investigate the torn off deck area.