Saturday, July 18, 2009

A New Awning and a New Couch at The Lazy Vegan

Weegie helps himself to a snack of oak leaves!
Today the foreman put up the new awning we had ordered and it looks great- and helps to keep the heat out of the upstairs room! And after much design deliberation last night, we decided to add a big couch to our new collection of living room furniture...I went to pick it up from the furniture store while the foreman got to work on resizing the stairs to make it fit. After he made the step smaller, it fit perfectly- and now our living room is complete! So far the pups have been great on the new furniture and Boulder hasn't sunk his claws in- we're watching him like a hawk!
Weegie gets another snack- this time from the poplar tree.
Bravo and Paco touch noses a lot through the fence- I think they secretly want to be friends.
For some reason the color doesn't come across how it really looks in person- it is much greener. Here's the whole new set!

The sheetrock stacked in the entry hall is a nice touch, along with the blue tape holding the tile together on the step while it dries...

The birds get a drink and take a bath. About once a week we have to add water to the fountain- I'm sure that deer drink out of it at night.

The foreman resizes the tile step to make room for the couch. He was going to make the half-wall longer, but it turns out that wasn't necessary.

Solo investigates the cabin and new deck in the morning.

Playing with the sweet grain pan! We decided to have a huge load of hay delivered on Monday- so tomorrow we'll be building a platform out of wood for the hay to be stored on.

They have so much fun with this pan while their "real" toys- the balls- sit around unused.

The new awning- above, on the left.

The view from inside.

It is a practical spot for an awning because of the afternoon sun.

Boulder eyes the loveseat while the terriers lounge.

The foreman works around the deck.

All of the dogs love to walk on the new deck!