Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Friend and a New Hair Cut at The Lazy Vegan

Nothing too exciting going on at The Lazy Vegan today...we have a new friend, however- a bat I'm calling Pat (in honor of my sister). He (or she) hung out in the computer room last night- literally- he/she hung from the ceiling. Pat the bat was adorable but I didn't really want him/her trapped for the whole night- so I left a window open and in the morning Pat the bat was gone...but had left a few bat "markings" as a goodbye gift! In other, less interesting news, today I cut four inches or so of my hair off...I'm slowly getting rid of all the dyed part and am making some progress (after nearly 2 years!)!
It was a very dusty job for Mower Man today- he mowed in his "nice" clothes, too!

Toby's latest toy.

The only decent photo I could get of Pat the bat!

Two donkeys get into stare down, hee-haw time for dinner.

My shorter hair...Bravo doesn't quite know what to think!

Boulder has actually been using his outdoor bed lately instead of sleeping in a chair and other places.

The foreman and Solo sing!

The cabin is a great hang out place now. Check out the singing video below!