Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The New Hay is Just O.K. at The Lazy Vegan

After spending a brief moment together, Bravo suddenly realizes he's on the wrong side of the fence!

Unfortunately, the new hay isn't a big hit with the donkeys- and I bought 15 bales of it! Part of the reason is probably because it is past the season for really good hay, and the other part is that the donkeys are just a tad spoiled! But the old hay was always eagerly gobbled up- and when I took out a flake of hay from the new batch, the donkeys had to do a big sniffing routine on it first before they started munching. It could be that it takes them a few days to get used to new hay- which most likely came from a different pasture. This particular hay comes from Oregon, and the young man who delivered it said he just drove 100 bales up north to a donkey sanctuary! So I'm not too worried about the hay...especially since I have a few month's worth!

Bravo and Paco are definitely getting closer lately.
The first of the heirloom tomatoes are ripe!

The foreman picks the first heirloom.

More stars arrive at The Lazy Vegan!

The foreman- a.k.a. the design committee of the L.V.- hangs the star.

Taking a ladder up a ladder!
The boys pick through the new hay. The next time I have a big batch delivered, I guess I need to first go to the feed store and approve the quality- and then watch them load the truck!

The thing that is a bummer about lesser quality hay is that the donks spread it all over the place, and then I get to pick it up.

Boulder shows off his new yellow collar- with reflective stripes!

My little writing desk (it is actually called that) in the back cabin.

Bravo has a pensive moment.

15 neatly stacked bales of hay and pine shavings!

"Uh, Weegie...this isn't quite up to our standards!"

The boys are hardly starving...but I would still rather that they were excited about the new hay!

The foreman catches a quick nap before changing into his construction clothes!