Thursday, July 2, 2009

A New Spanish Red Roof for the Cabin at The Lazy Vegan

Pretty exciting news here at The Lazy Vegan...the cabin has a new roof- a beautiful Spanish red! Thanks to the foreman and Paul...they worked all day and are on the roof still as I type this at almost 8 p.m. The cabin really can't be called a cabin any longer...it is becoming too fancy! The donkeys watched the job for a bit while they were in their corral. I attempted to get up on the roof but midway up the ladder I got smart and decided not to...so Paul took some photos for me!
There will be a decorative roof thing that will go along the middle when they're done.
Hammering away!

Paul took this while I thought about coming up.

Photos taken by Paul while up on the roof. You can see how plain and boring the old roof was!

View from the roof.

I don't actually mind going up a ladder...it is going down that is a bit of a problem.

Discussing the job.
I love how casual they are up high.
The foreman started off alone early this morning...here he is patching a big hole where he took out an old chimney from the previous owners.

My contribution in the big roof job was this: the foreman called from the lumber/roofing section of Lowe's to tell me that he had left his wallet at home. Instead of making the long drive home for the missing wallet, it was decided that the best use of time would be for the foreman to continue picking out the roofing and misc. items he needed and I would meet him there with the wallet. So Beetler and I stopped everything and zoomed off to Lowe's, just in time to find him with a loaded cart- and just in time to help load everything in the truck. Pretty darn exciting!
It was a long, long day for the roofers.
I love the color and style.

Bravo checked things out from the balcony (I held him!).

The roofers drink iced coffee, which I provided. I still am not drinking coffee, but I don't mind making the coffee addicts some.
The panels look like metal but they're made out of something else. Still fairly heavy.

What a drab roof to begin with! It is going to look awesome when it is all done. The next cabin job is to rip out the existing "kitchen" area- all the cabinets and sink. Then the foreman is going to put the bathroom back in - the one we ripped out when we had our wonderful hens living here! So much more to come on the future blog postings...