Sunday, July 19, 2009

No Relief from the Heat at The Lazy Vegan

It was another hot one today - so hot that at dinner time I had to feed the donkeys in a new location so they wouldn't swelter in the full sun at the feeder- I put hay in buckets in the shade by the side of the barn instead. Toby got a long-overdue hair cut, which made him much cooler- and the foreman worked all day SMACK out in the sizzling sun putting in a new window! I ordered hay (15 bales will be arriving tomorrow morning- that should last a few months) and went to the feed store for fly spray, dog & cat food and new collars for the dogs. They've had leather collars forever- I was waiting till they were old enough to justify buying new, VEGAN collars, and it took me a while to find simple collars that looked comfortable. Boulder also got a new collar, but I haven't put it on him yet- I will wait till the evening so I can monitor him and see how it fits. He's quite fussy about his collar. I probably should have taken him to the store with me so he could have picked his own collar out!

The foreman puts in the new window in the upstairs bathroom/hallway.

This is out of sequence...here he paints the final window.

The old window was much smaller and fixed- now it will be great to be able to open up the new one for fresh air!

Walking around on the cold cement floor in the cabin, sporting their new collars...

Toby after his hair cut!

This photo is before - you can see how fluffy he gets.

Playing ball in the shade.

The terrier trio in their new collars in the cabin.

I picked out red for Solo, green for Toby and blue for Bravo.

Earlier in the day I let all the dogs out to go do their biz, and it was so hot that they stood there and all wanted to be let back in!
I try not to look at the ladder arrangement when the foreman works on a project.

The window installation instructions...ugh!
Next the sheetrock will go up, some new lighting will go in...and then the foreman will paint, and the upstairs should be done!
You'd be amazed at how expensive this custom window was...all The Lazy Vegan improvements are adding up, but it is all worth it!