Thursday, July 16, 2009

Working on the New Deck at The Lazy Vegan

Bravo gets the ball!
The working crew at The Lazy Vegan...a.k.a. the foreman and Paul...are busy putting on a new deck off of the cabin and it is looking great! It is the perfect size- long and narrow- perfect for a bistro table and some chairs, and small enough for the donkeys to step up on so they can access the cabin! Our plan is to have the cabin be donkey-friendly, so they can come hang out with us!
The old deck was completely torn off, and a new frame was built. As I type this, they're still at work underneath the flood light!
Paul stacks the wood.
Bravo approves of the design.
Toby gets escorted out of the corral!

Relaxing briefly after dinner.

Unloading the truck.

These are 18 ft. pieces of lumber- really long- really TOO long to take in the truck. The working crew had to figure out a way to weigh down one side so all the wood didn't fall out. The foreman had the idea of riding in the back of the truck and SITTING on the ends of the lumber, but Paul wisely said that wasn't legal, and he suggested buying some heavy bags of cement to do the job instead!

While all the deck work was going on, Boulder managed to get in a nap- with the loud hammering and all!

Paco loves to pose when he's wearing his towel with fly spray!

He's such a ham.

Really slim pickings as far as grazing goes now- I hate this time of year for that reason - poor donks!

I requested this book from the library eons ago and it has finally arrived.

The zukes are here!!

Toby and Bravo relax in the cabin. The couch sits were the counter and sink used to be.

The frame of the deck.

While at Home Depot, the working crew got supplies to finish off the upstairs bathroom- here they unload sheetrock.

The terriers supervised.

A great sawing technique...Paul sits on one end of the piece of lumber while the foreman saws the other!