Monday, August 31, 2009

A Mild Monday at The Lazy Vegan

It was a mild day at The Lazy Vegan, with the only concerning item on the agenda the fact that Toby refused to eat all day- anything. But his energy seemed totally fine. Hopefully he'll take a snack tonight and will resume his usual eating pattern tomorrow- if not, it is back to the vet we go! Bravo ate extra to make up for Toby's lack of appetite!
I love it when one of the donkeys hears something and perks up to listen...so cute!
Paco tries to play with the big blue hay bucket on the other side of the fence.

Goofing around at sweet grain time.

Waiting for me to put down the sweet grain pan- you can see how Paco always looks slightly annoyed!

Solo was feeling good enough to howl today.

Toby picked an interesting place to pee...right on the foreman's new saw!

Heading in for carrot treat time!

Boulder helps the foreman research real estate.

Inbetween napping, of course...Boulder's been using the new dog beds I bought last week- so I bought him his own nice red one today.

The foreman prepares his special "garden fresh" pasta dish!

He's obviously very proud of it.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

HOT HOT HOT at The Lazy Vegan on a Saturday

It was pretty miserable with the heat today at The Lazy Vegan. Cool breezes didn't come back until the evening, when the pups all lazed on the terrace. Luckily it is supposed to be cooler tomorrow. While I fade when it is hot, the heat does the opposite to the foreman- he was busy moving landscape bark around and went up the huge ladder to put the swing back up on the pine tree. Soon we'll be moving the donkey fencing and will be able to have the swing that used to be there back in use. And that's all for the day. Off for more iced lemonade!
The donkeys use their salt blocks more when it is hot- but other than that they don't seem to mind the heat.

Bravo has been trying to venture into the corral- bravely - because he's after the hoof clippings from when the farrier was here yesterday!

He parked himself patiently outside of the corral and waited for the donkeys to leave.

Yesterday in the evening I planted a whole bunch of new veggies- lettuce, basil, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, snow peas, onions, cabbage, argula and mint...I think that's it. And then today I thought everything was dead when it got so hot- but after a good soaking everything's perking back up!

Moving the bark is not as easy as it looks.

Time to cool down on the terrace.

Not a big fan of hot weather- at all!

The foreman with the huge extension ladder.
One of the big piles of bark, and the foreman with the ladder way down by the pine.

As always, the donkeys were intrigued with what was going on.

I just think good thoughts when the foreman is way up high. And I take photos!

Earlier in the day, the crew stayed where it was coolest- on the entry tile.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Farewell to Adrianne & the Farrier Comes on a Fairly Hot Friday at The Lazy Vegan

Today was the last day at the office for Adrianne, who was the BEST "Front Desk" gal ever AND a great person to sit and chat with- an all-around wonderful human being!! She's off on a new adventure- to study linguistics in Canada! We'll really miss having her around. But I have a feeling (a hope) that we'll be seeing more of her in the future. Farewell, Adrianne- and GOOD LUCK!
In other Lazy Vegan news today, the farrier came. He always arrives early, which you would think we'd realize by now. So there's usually a mad rush to get the boys ready with their halters and this morning was especially bad. The farrier beat the foreman to the corral, which made both Paco and Luigi pretty darn nervous. By the time the foreman arrived (and where was the foreman, one might ask? Somehow he thought he had time for a shower...), the farrier had already managed to lasso Paco into position. Paco was being VERY dramatic. I wasn't too happy about the amount of stress the donkeys had to endure, all because we were late. So it won't happen next time!
Goodbye to Adrianne!!

It is going to be weird not seeing her in the building!!

More landscaping bark- this time we had it delivered!

The farrier event: these photos are all out of order. By this time, Paco was "free" of his halter and was pretty curious about what was going on with Luigi.

Weegie gets some special attention from the foreman.

Paco closely observes the farrier at work.

In theory we could learn how to do this ourselves...but that seems highly unlikely!

To add to the tension, Paco managed to get the mouth part of the harness stuck way up in his mouth- so the farrier and the foreman had to take a time out to deal with that. I should have photographed it, but it didn't seem right. Next time I'll video tape it on the sly.
Look closely...I believe that's the foreman mocking me!

The farrier's technique for reining in Paco- he swung the rope over his hindquarters and then PULLED.

Paco wasn't going to go without a fight!

After Paco was done kicking and bucking and the like, the farrier told him to "leave the drama for your mama!"