Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Amazing Cloud Day at The Lazy Vegan

It was a hot and muggy day today at The Lazy Vegan...but the sky was full of some amazing clouds! In the early evening, Bravo & Toby decided to hop up on the kitchen table so they could hang out of the window a bit. This is always a funny sight, but a little scary- we don't want either one of them to jump! But I managed to snap a few photos before coming inside to get them down! Hanging out the window- partially on the window box.
When Bravo started to feel around with one paw, I decided it was enough.

Nice evening breezes!

Pretty ridiculous looking.

You can see that it is fairly high up.

Yes, we DO get pawprints on our kitchen table!!
Beautiful coulds.

It was too hot for Solo.

Too hot for everyone!

Yesterday morning I had an interesting time with Boulder. He got up extra early (before 5 a.m. is considered "extra early") and I let him out. When it came time to leave for my run, I couldn't find him- he'd been gone a long time, which is very unusual. I walked all over the property looking for him. Finally I found him at the very bottom of our driveway, and he was watching something intently- that's when I saw the neighbor's cat CHASING a jack rabbit!! It was quite the sight- the jack rabbit was much bigger than the cat and had no problem getting out of harm's way- but the cat was very determined, and Boulder seemed fascinated!

Walking around in the early evening.

Smug Boulder.

When it is really hot I feed the boys in the shade. Today it didn't seem to make much difference.

You would have no clue this dog was deathly ill two weeks ago!

I just love the clouds!

Some of the creatures at The Lazy Vegan actually enjoy the heat!