Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Animals Relax on a Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

I couldn't resist taking these photos of Bravo early this morning- when I leave for my run, he snuggles back into bed with the foreman- but by this time the foreman was already up and Bravo was just too cozy to move! Boulder was also in the bed, toward the bottom. All of the animals indulged in a lot of relaxation today- the weather was perfect for daytime napping!
This is what you call a snuggled puppy!

Boulder will plop himself down anywhere for a nap.

Late afternoon lounging- after the foreman's tennis match.

Solo was off doing a lot of wandering while these photos were being taken- hence, he isn't in any of them!

Scary mug.

Now that Toby appears to have made a full recovery, he has only one thing on his mind!

The terrace is a great spot to hang out in the sunshine.

Toby is just wearing himself out bringing me the ball and other toys!

A quail convention in the pasture- there are baby quail around, and it takes a lot of adult quail to supervise- the babies aren't in this photo but I saw three of them and they are adorable!

The donkeys try to point out to me that their sweet grain pan is empty!