Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Banana Appears at The Lazy Vegan!

What a day it has been...first, I saw the Tomashefsky crew at Grandma Snap's house in the morning. Then they all headed off to the fair, but I went home so I could bake Randy's birthday cake and do other things. So imagine my surprise when I drove down our driveway at 5:00 to head to the store for a few things and found a GIANT banana hanging from one of our trees! Apparently it was the prize at one of the fair games, and everyone thought it would be perfect for me- which it is! I will never outlive my "Diana the Banana" beginnings. I gave Banana the tour of The Lazy Vegan, and he is now fast asleep on our bed!
The pups were pretty interested in Banana.
But Boulder walked right on by with barely a glance.

Paco left his hay to investigate, and he was very curious.

I'm sure Banana smelled like the fair!

Banana spent a long time just swinging from the peach tree.
And also relaxed in the cabin.

And on the front terrace!

Part of the crew gets ready to leave for the fair.
A neighbor cat in Snap's complex.

It is decided that "Old Snoopy" should stay home instead of being in the hot car. Wise decision!

I can't believe how big my nephews are all getting.

We think it is perfectly normal that an ancient stuffed animal is a member of the family!

Patty displays her new sunglass cleaning solution.

Anth, with Drew in the mirror.
Getting a few snacks in before the fair- thanks to Snap's generous display!

These are the gingerbread men that Aaron made for Grandma Snap in 1998- she's had them in her fridge for over a decade!
Anth checks out the contents of the fridge.

"Old Snoopy"...so worn that he is expressionless!