Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Foreman's 60th Birthday Celebration at The Lazy Vegan!

The foreman is 60!!!
We had a great time helping the foreman celebrate his 60th year on the planet! The girls came early and helped whip up a vegan Mexican dinner, and after three tries I was successful in making his vegan lemon birthday cake (I kept getting distracted and had to toss the first two batches of batter). The foreman, who doesn't look or act a day over 30, was a good sport while being wined and dined. Happy Birthday, Foreman of The Lazy Vegan!!

What every 60 year old needs- an iPOD!
Grandma Snap helped with the evening donkey chores!

Trying to figure out what in the heck the iPOD is!

Karina and Claire watch the gift opening.
Restoring a home in Italy...hmmmm...perhaps a future project?

The birthday boy!
You can't go wrong with a case of Two-Buck Chuck! From the Tomashefskys.

It is hard to know what to buy the foreman...but he got some great little gifts.
Cake time!

It was an all-lemon cake, and it was pretty darn good.

Mom & daughter in kitchen.

The "kids" at the table.

I had used square baking pans, and when I put the round cake pan lid on, it cut off all four corners- DUH! So I had to patch it together and make new frosting to get it to look o.k. Luckily the foreman is not picky about his birthday cakes!
Donkey peanuts!

Putting the finishing touches on.

Bravo runs away from Paul!

In the garden.
The donkeys get fed grape leaves and roses by Grandma Snap and Claire!

Birthday tomatoes!

Solo and Claire.

All the pups in the garden.

Group photos on the cabin deck.

Quite the crew!

The first family photo we've taken in a long time.

Margarita time!

Toby needs some attention.

Enjoying Karina's homemade salsa.

Karina makes the margaritas.
Note the huge birthday balloon- for a special birthday!
The foreman in his birthday hat.
With the beautiful daughters!

The pups had a great time, too.
The cooks!

The birthday boy studies his birthday poster...twice!

Happy to be celebrating!