Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fun in the Pasture at The Lazy Vegan

Paco and Luigi were in rare form early this evening and eager to help with the clean-up chores in the pasture! I really can't get any work done until they're tired of playing with the shovel and scooper. No new animal ailments to report on today- thankfully. Yesterday when Boulder was throwing up and Bravo was running around in circles (trying to itch his "hot spots"), I thought another trip to the vet was inevitable (and probably still is). Toby continues to improve and is almost done with the meds he has to take. And Solo has been fine through all of this- he manages to hobble around in his funny style with no complaints! Today's big excitement was unloading a bunch of landscape bark at the bottom of our driveway. The foreman got two truck loads and I was around to unload just one of them (one was enough- especially in the hot sun). Things are looking pretty darn spiffy around The Lazy Vegan!

Weegie spots the manure clean-up tools.

Taking a moment to check in.

Let the fun begin!

They really manage to swing the thing around.

I should try to teach them how to actually scoop up the manure!

Weegie was having so much fun he just had to stop for a moment to give thanks.

This little woodpecker was very busy working away on the tree branch- upside down.

Boulder reminds me that it is his dinner time.

The terriers great the foreman, home from a charity golf event. (Yesterday).

This is Boulder's version of the donkey stare down for dinner...so I guess this is the feline stare down!

Solo still shuffles around with no complaints.

Toby finds his toys in the planter pot.

Last week at this time poor Toby was in the hospital! He's made a remarkable recovery.