Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting Rid of the Old Wood Pile and the Return of the Killer Wasps at The Lazy Vegan

Blog Update 8/6/09: my camera finally quit on me for good...(it has been a great camera used daily for the past 4 years)...so the blog will be on a hopefully short vacation while I research and purchase a new camera! It is going to be hard not to photograph all the animals and events at The Lazy Vegan for a while...so off I go camera hunting!

It has been a productive past two days at The Lazy Vegan...we started to tackle the huge wood pile near the barn, taking truck loads to a place that turns lumber into sawdust. Paul would rummage through the wood first to send the creatures scurrying (I came across a family of lizard things- I forget what they're called) and then we'd carry it to the truck. Pieces that were too long got cut by the foreman, and Karina showed up to take some to build flower boxes for her garden. Paul had the fun job of driving the wood to the wood place and picking up bark on the return trip. While he was gone doing that, I decided to move the manure pile so it would be a bit more tucked out of view...and lo and behold, I must have disrupted a wasp nest, because soon a cloud of wasps were swarming above and around me! Despite running as fast as I could, one actually went up my shorts and bit my thigh and another latched onto my arm. One was in my hair but I managed to get it out. So once again I found myself running toward the house while flinging off my clothes- I am so glad we have privacy! And now I have two nasty swollen wasp bites- this is getting tiresome...they need to move on! Paul's technique for unloading the bark, which is very heavy.
Where part of the huge wood pile was. The idea behind this is we'll clear the area to move the donkey fencing there.

Paul strains to get the bark out.
Father and son at work.

This was pretty funny in person- I'm glad the tarp held up!

Planning the next move.

The pups supervised.

Everyone had a job.
Boulder didn't lift a paw to help. He was too busy napping.

And yawning!

But once it was dinner time, he got up.
For some reason Bravo kept making this silly expression today.

Toby brings the donkey dog toy to Paco.

Bravo's silly expression again.

Playing in the shade.
The foreman enjoys a glass from one of his birthday bottles of wine!

Paco was quite interested in my "Cafix" soy drink.

The jobs never end- here the foreman takes stain marks off of the cabin windows.

Sniffing my drink again.

Carrot treat time on the bench- when we're busy I just put the carrots there and the donkeys serve themselves.

It was pretty warm today- the donkeys like the shade by their barn.