Saturday, August 29, 2009

HOT HOT HOT at The Lazy Vegan on a Saturday

It was pretty miserable with the heat today at The Lazy Vegan. Cool breezes didn't come back until the evening, when the pups all lazed on the terrace. Luckily it is supposed to be cooler tomorrow. While I fade when it is hot, the heat does the opposite to the foreman- he was busy moving landscape bark around and went up the huge ladder to put the swing back up on the pine tree. Soon we'll be moving the donkey fencing and will be able to have the swing that used to be there back in use. And that's all for the day. Off for more iced lemonade!
The donkeys use their salt blocks more when it is hot- but other than that they don't seem to mind the heat.

Bravo has been trying to venture into the corral- bravely - because he's after the hoof clippings from when the farrier was here yesterday!

He parked himself patiently outside of the corral and waited for the donkeys to leave.

Yesterday in the evening I planted a whole bunch of new veggies- lettuce, basil, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, snow peas, onions, cabbage, argula and mint...I think that's it. And then today I thought everything was dead when it got so hot- but after a good soaking everything's perking back up!

Moving the bark is not as easy as it looks.

Time to cool down on the terrace.

Not a big fan of hot weather- at all!

The foreman with the huge extension ladder.
One of the big piles of bark, and the foreman with the ladder way down by the pine.

As always, the donkeys were intrigued with what was going on.

I just think good thoughts when the foreman is way up high. And I take photos!

Earlier in the day, the crew stayed where it was coolest- on the entry tile.