Thursday, August 13, 2009

The New Camera Arrives- Just in Time for a Lunch Visit with Sam!!

Sam arrives at the restaurant!
What a perfect day to get my brand new camera in the mail- just before leaving to visit with Sam in Oakland! And a great way to start the blog back up after a week-long break. Sam looked perfectly at home in California and I'm sure now knows his way around Oakland and San Francisco better than some locals do! We had a nice lunch visit, thanks to Snap driving and Karina doing the navigation- with just one little mishap involving a train stop! Congrats to Sam for a successful Summer-long journalism internship- now he heads back to NYC!

Sam goes back to work!

Karina and Sam!

It was a beautiful day in Oakland.

A bit of birthday celebration early for Sam!

Paul lives not far from the restaurant.

We got to hear about some of Sam's research adventures.

We arrived a bit early and wandered around Jack London Square a bit.

I'm not sure what Jack London is supposed to be doing in this sculpture, but from far away it looks a bit like Elvis.
Lots of urban birds walking about.

Karina talks with somebody on the pier.

Posing for photos.

Blue skies and blue water!

O.K., so the train "mishap": we had somehow driven past one of these little red and white guard things pictured above, when suddenly we heard a thud- I thought a branch had fallen on the roof of the car. But it was actually the train guard!! And then, when we were wondering where the tracks were, an Amtrak train suddenly whizzed by. No damage was done to Snap's car roof...but we all felt a bit sheepish!
Coming into Oakland.
And that was the day- Sam is adorable (as always) and I'm very happy to have a camera once again!