Sunday, August 16, 2009

Toby Continues to Recover at The Lazy Vegan

A squirrel finds something to snack on!
Toby continues to recover and his energy is much better- but he's still not out of the woods...the poor little guy keeps having problems peeing! And giving him his medication is a bit of a challenge- one of the pills is fairly big and I'm sure tastes awful. He's figured out how to spit it out when I try to hide it in food. Since he has to take this particular pill three times a day, I am trying to come up with creative ways to get it down him (the vet said I could always pry open his mouth and stick it way down his throat- but I hate to do that!). So far one method seems to work: I give him a treat with nothing hidden in it first and he gobbles it up- then I give him a treat with the pill hidden in it and then immediately give him another "good" treat. Of course, I have to keep him away from the other dogs during all this activity- I don't want the medicine to accidentally go to the wrong pup! Today at a house party we met a 12 year old deaf Jack Russell terrier- and it sounds like he went through something very similiar to what Toby is experiencing, and he's now on a special diet for the rest of his life. It was pretty interesting seeing his owners deal with his deafness- he still zoomed around like a classic JRT!
Karina stopped by to check up on Toby! He was thrilled to see her.

Because of the peeing problem, I have covered all the furniture in the house!

Toby really perked up after Karina's visit.
Brave little Toby- the first pup at The Lazy Vegan to spend two nights at the emergency hospital!
Photos from the Tomashefsky visit yesterday- here everyone is examining Snap's handiwork at repairing "Old Snoopy"!

Old Snoopy really is a member of the family...

He looks like a mummy.

Snoopy gets a hug.
Old Snoopy will be staying with Grandma Snap for another couple of months so she can finish her repair work- she's doing a great job!