Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Toby Has Renewed Passion for the Tennis Ball and I Win a Free Bag of Groceries...at The Lazy Vegan

Toby is feeling so much better that he has a renewed interest in his ball- really a passion for the ball! He kept bringing it over to me today and I didn't want to throw it too much- I don't want to tire him out while he's still on the mend. Still, I did make a promise to myself and to him when he was at the emergency vet- and that promise was that I would give him more "ball time" if he pulled through- and he did!! So I have to keep my promise. I especially love it when I'm cooking in the kitchen and just hear the little thud of the ball being dropped at my feet. Then he stares at me and whines until I toss it...over and over again! The donkeys were both in great moods today- lots of running around and being silly!
They always do this routine before they start racing around...

The donks both heard something across the way at the ranch. I didn't hear it, but whatever it was it held their attention for a long time.

Weegie supervises while I clean out the barn.

Toby leads the crew outside for play time.

The foreman has been using the saw to cut up the really long pieces of lumber that we're getting rid of- there's still a ton of wood to haul away.
Toby takes a break in the cabin.

But soon he's back at it- racing around!
Solo tackles the terrace steps. He's getting a bit better at it.
Boulder follows the pups around when they're outside, which is really adorable.
The dinner hour stare down. It speaks volumes!

One would never know that this is the same dog that couldn't even walk when I took him to the emergency room last Thursday!

All's fine except for the odd peeing behavior. Still going on, although thankfully no longer indoors!

This company has this new product out- coconut milk! I love their vegan ice creams and this milk is also great. It is a good substitute for soy or rice milk. It is very creamy and doesn't taste too much like coconut.

Now this is exciting: today I got a phone call from Whole Foods- they called to say that I had won a bag of free groceries! I remember making a donation to a hunger cause a few months ago and writing down my name for a drawing...it was pretty fun to actually win! I had thought I'd be able to pick out my own groceries, but no...they had samples of different things all set to go in a great bag. They did allow me to swap out some non-vegan items for vegan ones (like chocolate chips)! The photo above is everything I got- a nice assortment!

Great reusable bag, too!